Parents’ comments
“I have noticed a change. In particular a quiet inner confidence seems to have emerged – less easily ruffled” “It has been very positive for my child who would come back enthused after each session.” “My son did the course this summer. I was very impressed with the teaching methods and the subjects covered. The course was very focused on valuing oneself, and skills one can learn to handle many difficult situations. The course is run by parents who have actual life experience rather than abstract but well-meaning theory. My son enjoyed the course, and came away a more confident child.”

Children’s comments
“I believe it was a very good experience and I felt much more confident after the sessions.” “The role play was my favourite – Excellent” “I have tried some of the techniques and the physical assertiveness was especially good” “ Please carry on doing the course. It helped me no end, thank you for revealing my inner confidence”

The most important thing learned from the course
“No-one can make you feel anything, it is up to you to decide what you feel.”