Does It Work?
As all parents know, nothing makes a child miserable like friendship problems or coping with the kind of malicious teasing that can merge into bullying. They may also be dealing with other difficult relationships – the teacher who always sees the worst in them, or the sibling who gives them a hard time. Children often find it difficult to stand up for themselves in these situations, afraid of being rude, hurting people’s feelings or somehow making things worse.

The Kid’s Assertiveness course is designed to help children acquire or reclaim their personal power in such situations; calmly, confidently and without being rude or aggressive.

We aim to give children the tools to understand and cope with friendship problems and consider ways of building better friendships. Children will learn to identify bullying and be armed with strategies for dealing with it. We will also look at techniques for ‘bullyproofing’, including the physical (e.g. body language, handling unwanted rough play etc.) and the emotional (raising self-esteem, resilience and positivity) to make future bullying and malicious teasing less likely. We will also explore a range of ‘chill skills’ to help children learn to let go of stress and calm themselves.

Above all, the classes will be fun and relaxing, with lots of active learning. Quiet children will have a chance to make a loud noise, using microphones and electric guitars, timid children will learn how to stand up for themselves in the playground. Everyone learns how to say no and mean it, without being rude, or hurting others. Children will be encouraged to find techniques that work for them and that they can incorporate into their lives.

This is all achieved in a safe environment where the children can experiment with what works without being in their normal environment with its peer hierarchy.