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Be body kind!! 20 May 2019

Both young and old, tall and small, fat and thin…. we are all quite conscious of our bodies. There must be billions of pounds spent trying to change what we have instead of just being satisfied with what we have and looking after it properly. The people with curly hair want straight hair, the people with straight hair want curly hair. Tall people want to be shorter, shorter people want to be taller. We all try and stop the ageing process. We stress about our skin having cellulite, open pores, spots. Everyone wonders if they should be leaner, curvier, have toned abs..… we always want the opposite of what we have. Kids are getting much younger in thinking that the answer to their problems is to have some sort of plastic surgery to correct what nature has given them. Teenage boys spend lots of time in the gym trying to build muscle so that they too can look like Daniel Craig on the beach in Casino Royale. We all want to look like the celebs…. but do we really want to be a celeb… how many celebs are now coming out and stating how many mental health issues they are suffering from… so do we really want to be like them! Being in the limelight and being judged constantly on their body image, their latest outfits, whether they have put weight on or off. Would it not be lovely if we all just stopped and called a halt to all this craziness and said actually I am happy just the way I am. We are the people that our kids look up to as role models so if we are stressing about our looks, that rubs off on them and they feel that they have to jump on the bandwagon. It is all around us and a constant intrusion with glossy magazines, films,TV, advertising, social media. No wonder our children are more stressed than we were. A few decades back there was not the same 24/7 pressure to be all looking like film stars.

Getting back to basics and mindfulness can help in this. living in the moment and not worrying about the past or being anxious about the future. What is life all about – is it all about body image?

The key to happiness…. and is that not what we are all wanting as our number one thing in life is being fulfilled, contented, having a purpose and feeling valued. Does any of this have to do with our bodies? We at the Skill Tree Company do not think so.

If someone is judging you on your body or looks alone perhaps they are very superficial and do not want to get to know the real you and perhaps they will not be the right sort of person you want to be friends with or associate with. Perhaps they have not bothered to get to know the real you by talking to you and finding out what makes you tick. Let us all make a decision to put aside the desires to change ourselves and teach our children to be happy with the body they have and to be happy inside of their skins. It is this inner confidence and happiness that will see them through life not having a body image that they have had to pay to achieve. Look after the body we have, sure stretch it, exercise it, relax it , feed it good food so that it does not get too fat or too thin so that it can function well but not for someone else to judge on looks alone.

Let’s take the lead and try to teach our kids to be body kind. Scrap the need to be body perfect and focus on teaching them to look after their bodies as a place to put themselves, the real thing that makes them who they are deep down inside. Remind them also to reciprocate these ideals and not to judge other people by looks but take an interest in the person for their personality and their mind not just their body. Be body kind!